As soon as we talk about health outside the range of traditional medicine and drugs, everything we do to be in good shape gets relegated under the name of “well-being”. Alternative medicine, energy therapies, relaxation therapy, yoga, nutrition... this world of well-being has been growing significantly and has become more popular in recent years, and that is a good thing! However, it can be difficult to find your way in terms of quantity or quality of these offers!

At ZV2, this is why we prefer to talk about “good living” and “better living” rather than well-being, even if the wordings are similar!

First of all because we think that we are not on Earth to simply exist, but to live fully as best as possible and being in good health is just our birthright!

Then, because to us, better living seems to be more rooted in action: with ZV2 technology, it is you who act on your health, simply, from home!

Finally, because better living fully reflects the commitment we make to each and every one of you: to help you live in great shape for as long as possible.

 Forme et mieux-vivre pour tous avec ZV2


In European countries, we have gained 28 years of life expectancy during this last century. The number of centenarians, for example, doubles every ten years! The population of seniors from the 3rd age to the 4th age is growing ever larger. This longevity is an excellent thing, but it also brings with it physical disorders and a reduction in autonomy.

Living longer is good of course, but living longer and in good shape is much better, right?

And what if we could maintain physical and mental fitness at any age? This is why we created ZV2, to help each senior to live his or her daily life better, and to remain independent at home for as long as possible.

 ZV2 pour les séniors
ZV2 for seniors:

70% of our customers are seniors. 30% of them have taken the ZV2 as a preventive measure, to make the most of their daily lives and the years to come.

70% are equipped to improve their day-to-day health.

Statistical studies have shown extraordinary results for ZV2 users:

  •      Improved physical fitness.
  •      Improved mental performance, particularly in case of depression and difficult life transitions.
  •      Improved sleep: calmer and deeper sleep, more general energy during the day.
  •      Reduced pain, whatever its location or origin: back, hips, shoulders, osteoarthritis, post-operation, fracture...


The capabilities of the human body are astonishing! But all athletes and coaches know that preparation and recovery are the keys to any physical performance. Indeed, the body must be prepared before any effort: from a muscular, joint, cardio and respiratory point of view, without forgetting the mind, which counts enormously!

For athletes, the older they get, the more the body is put to the test. After exercise, recovery is therefore an essential step that should not be neglected under any circumstances, otherwise injuries will appear, and subsequent performance will decline more quickly than expected! Of course, the more intense the effort, the more important the recovery phase: you do not recover from a marathon like from a simple jog of a few kilometers.

 ZV2 pour les sportifs
ZV2 and physical recovery

Recovery is a period during which the body is at rest. You need to rehydrate the body, to adopt an appropriate diet, and above all… to sleep well.

It is during our sleep that the body repairs and regenerates itself, eliminating the toxins that pollute our body.

The benefit of using ZV2 is not only to better recover after a sporting activity, thanks to its action on deep sleep, but also to preserve the body over the years. With ZV2, we want to help athletes to continue their activities for as long as possible!

Beyond recovery through sleep, ZV2 is useful in case of injuries: local applicators allow a targeted action on painful and/or injured areas.


Covering an area of approximately 1.5 to 2 square meters, and weighing between 3.5 to 10 kilos, it is the skin! The skin is the boundary organ between the exterior and the interior of the body. It is through it that exchanges take place, in particular humidity exchanges: perspiration in one direction, absorption in the other.

It is often said that the condition of our skin reflects our age and our state of health. If wrinkles and signs of aging are inevitable, they can be delayed with a perfect lifestyle, a good hydration, as well as a good genetic heritage. But that's not all! A new ally has arrived to support the beauty and health of your skin.

ZV2 is here to help your skin with:

ZV2 light therapy that consists of a cold pulsed red light applicator. Red light is a light that penetrates the deepest into the skin, while being blocked by the bone. When a cell is stimulated by red light, it will increase its capacity to produce elastin and collagen fibers, essential for skin tone. Light therapy is an undeniable asset for the beauty and youthfulness of your skin, but not only that: in case of skin problems, the light therapy allows you to obtain rapid effects, especially if the area is painful or very inflamed.

As for the rest of the ZV2 equipment, the light therapy applicator has no contraindications or side effects.     

 ZV2 pour votre peau

All skin problems can be treated:


  •      rashes burns,
  •      sunburn,
  •      warts,
  •      color spots,
  •      aging skin: wrinkles and sagging skin.

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