Thanks to light therapy, ZV2 has a complementary and local action. The pulsed red light applicator regenerates and promotes the healing of the skin and reduces inflammatory pain.

The wavelength of the red light used is 645 nanometers: it is therefore not infrared. In other words, ZV2 light therapy is cold and has no contraindications.

ZV2's pulsed light penetrates approximately 25 to 30 mm below the skin but is blocked by the bones. It can be applied directly to the skin or held at a distance if the areas to be treated are larger than the surface of the device.

The ZV2 equipment is the only one to emit such a wide set of frequencies in the field of light therapy. This is what makes it the most successful to date.

Studies on light therapy published on PUBMED confirm what we ourselves have observed:

  •      helping wounds and ulcers to heal
  •      reducing inflammatory pain,
  •      disappearance of warts, burns, sunburn, etc.
  •      action on hair growth and nail quality.
  •      skin regeneration.
Luminothérapie ZV2

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