Bio-resonance is based on the principle that everything has its own frequency. To explain it simply, let's take the example of several tuning forks: when one tuning fork is made to vibrate, this causes another tuning fork to vibrate at the same frequency as the first one. The other tuning forks do not vibrate because they do not have the same frequency.


If we extend this concept to the cells of the body, we admit that each cell has its own frequency and you just need to send this frequency to the body in order to activate the cells affected by this frequency.

A cell is not isolated: it communicates with the other cells of the organism, as was demonstrated by Professor Popp in the 1970s, thanks to the propagation of "bio-photons" that carry energy and information. When communication is good, well-being takes hold!

Bio-resonance is a refined method, both targeting cells and addressing the whole body in order to act on the energy level of cells, on their good communication with each other and to optimize all the body's metabolic processes.

Bio-resonance covers all possible frequencies. With ZV2 equipment, this broad frequency spectrum is transmitted, using the equipment's magnetic fields or light therapy. As the French leader in bio-resonance, ZV2 is the most efficient equipment to date.

Bioresonance ZV2

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