ZV2 is a revolutionary biotechnology equipment which has two main actions: a global action on the body, by optimizing its energy level, and an action on the quality of deep sleep to help the body regenerate.


What makes ZV2 so special is that it considers the body as a whole and therefore activate all of the body's cells and biological metabolisms at the same time. In this way, ZV2 will act wherever it is necessary: on blood circulation, on the immune system, on the digestive or neurological system... In summary, ZV2 is a holistic equipment, which is used largely while you are sleeping, without you having to do anything! However, it can address more specific issues such as pain, skin problems, thanks to specific applicators provided with the equipment.


Have you noticed that you feel in good shape during the day according to the quality of your night's sleep? Beyond the quantity of hours of sleep, quality counts!

Among the different phases of sleep, the deep sleep phase is the most important one. It is essential to eliminate toxins and for the correct functioning of the brain, cardiovascular and immune systems. It is the most restorative sleep. However, this phase only represents 20 to 25% of total sleep time and occurs particularly at the beginning of the sleep period.

During deep sleep, the brain operates at a rhythm of 1 to 2 Hz. These are delta waves. Using this same frequency, ZV2 helps you sleep better by significantly increasing the time and quality of deep sleep. Thus it acts directly and naturally on your ability to recover from physical fatigue, and to stay in good shape!



An independent statistical study conducted from 2015 gave the following results:

1. Users observed:

  • Improved physical fitness.
  • Improved mental capacity.
  • A reduction in pain.
  • Improved deep and restorative sleep.


2. After 8 weeks, more than 80% of users are satisfied with the results and purchase the equipment.

Study over 8 weeks, with 162 users.



ZV2 is based on 4 cutting-edge technologies which all find their origin in nature. Indeed, everything is frequency, everything is energy!

What technologies are combined in the ZV2 equipment?

Bio-magnetism is the combined action of the earth's magnetic field and the solar electromagnetic field on the living organism.

The earth's magnetic field is essential to build the bone structure, organs or any active system in our body: digestive, neurological, vascular, immune systems...

ZV2 reproduces this earth's magnetic field, without going further than what exists naturally on Earth. So, no contraindications or side effects!

Thanks to bio-resonance, each cell connects to its own frequency. Using this technology, ZV2 acts on all metabolic processes in the body.

Scalar waves act not only on the physiological part of our body, but also on its energetic part – like the one for example in acupuncture, in traditional Chinese medicine.

Thanks to a pulsed red light, ZV2 light therapy offers you a complementary and local action on the skin or on painful inflammatory areas.

 Champs magnétiques et ZV2



Designed and developed in France, ZV2 equipment is very simple to use. It is composed of controls, a mat that fits in your bed or on an armchair, and three applicators for specific and targeted actions. It has been designed to adapt to any lifestyle: easy to adjust, it acts without you having to do anything.

From the moment you rent or purchase it, a trained and approved advisor will guide you individually and for as long as you wish, to help you make the best use of your equipment and benefit from all the useful applications, depending on your case.

Equipment in detail.

 L'équipement ZV2

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