Scalar waves are particular and subtle waves, very different from the waves emitted by the heat of the sun, by light or by sound.

Highlighted at the beginning of the 20th century, you can find them everywhere on Earth, emitted by rocks, plants, and all living beings. For example: our brain emits them!

When living systems are communicating with one another they use these scalar waves. It is also on these frequencies that our cells communicate with each other!

ZV2 generates scalar waves that the body receives, like a radio receiver!

To understand their action, we must first accept the principle that we are composed of a physical body that responds to biological criteria and laws, but also of more subtle bodies, invisible to the naked eye, basically energy. Let's take the example of the meridians on which Chinese acupuncture works, or that of the chakras dear to yoga practitioners!

These subtle bodies store our personal and emotional life, our different trainings, learning and life experiences.

The scalar waves will act on these subtle bodies, and rebalance our energetic and emotional body.

ZV2 therefore acts not only on the physical and sensitive areas of our body but also offers in-depth action to regenerate, balance or strengthen everything we carry within us.

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