Do you want to get better, reduce your pain, sleep better, get and stay in shape? You are in the right place.

Combining cutting-edge technologies and ease of use, discover ZV2, the bio-resonance equipment that offers fitness, restful sleep and better living for everyone!


ZV2 is a revolutionary biotechnology equipment which has two main actions:
a global action on the body, by optimizing its energy level, and an action on the quality of deep sleep to help the body regenerate.

Its regular use gives 4 main results: an improvement in physical energy, an improvement in mental health, a significant reduction in pain and better deep sleep.

Created in France in 2014, ZV2 is a patented natural frequency transmitter, perfectly adapted to our body.
The equipment can be used alone or in addition to any therapy, without any contraindication or side effect!

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Our body is made up of billions of living cells. Their main role is to produce the components necessary to help our body to function properly: this is metabolism .

Working like real interconnected factories, our cells need energy to fulfill their role and repair themselves. They communicate with each other through receivers that capture and emit signals. When our cells are full of energy, communication is good: the body is healthy. When the energy level of cells drops, communication between cells is deficient: metabolism is unbalanced, and disorders appear.

This is where ZV2 comes in. Thanks to the combination of four cutting-edge technologies, ZV2 preserves or raises the energy level of our cells to the maximum of their natural capacity. This bio-cellular action is essential to awaken the energy that lies dormant in each of us!



Magnetic and electromagnetic fields are natural and essential to life!

Precursors such as Nicolas Tesla in the USA and Georges Lakhowsky in France showed that it was possible to have a physiological action on the human body by sending to it magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

In the 1960s, the first astronauts went into space and they had to compensate for the lack of the Earth's magnetic field with equipment that was then rudimentary, but nonetheless effective.

Frequencies of life and bio-resonance :

At the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of bio-resonance emerged. The principle is simple: everything has its own frequency, like each of the 100,000 billion cells in our body! By sending to each of these cells its corresponding frequency, it raises its energy level and starts to function correctly again, helping our well-being!

ZV2, French leader in bio-resonance is the result of these long years of research. To date it is the best bio-resonance equipment, helping you to be in good shape and have a good sleep.

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